Company Profile

Wah Tung Electronic Industrial CO.LTD (Hong Kong) were established on 1998 for package and clean business to various customers .
With our vast experience in producing world class Anti-Static/ESD Packaging products intended for applications in the Electronics & Semiconductors sector, we have grown to be one of the dominant suppliers in ASIA region. We have started with production of ESD Packaging and later diversified into producing other types of industrial or Consumable packaging for other sectors such as, Electronic and Semiconductor, Logistic, Packaging for Packing of Machinery, and so forth. We have acquired some new printing machines and some other converting machines for production of Flexible packaging products. We have intentions to grow along Flexible Packaging to widen our product base and at the same time to increase our customer base. We are committed into developing products together with our customers and we welcome any special packaging requirements from customers for its unique packaging requirements.

To cope with our business expansion, we also set up other installation and manufacturing teams to work different fields. These are our self experienced installation team for Clean Room or Control Room, Sticker/Label and Tape manufacturing, Anti-static and ESD wrist strap and accessories. Right now we are handling a certain wide range of famous customers, government organization and educational organization etc.

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